Hi All,

In Andorra, there is very little representation of African fashion and African products. It is an untapped market. I would like to help change that. I am trying to organize a "Meet Africa" event, projected for August 2010
(tentatively to last two weeks), to feature haute couture fashion and products designed and produced by Africans, in the following categories:

-Africa Retail: clothes, shoes, baby clothes, etc.
-Africa Couture and haute couture: couture fashion and traditional wear
-Africa Music and Dance
-Africa Informative: books,magazines,other printed materials
showcasing the best of Africa
-Africa Art and Artisan
-Africa Media

So far, I have the support of the Local Govt and others here in Andorra who are willing to host and promote the event and am currently looking for people in the above categories committed enough to help make this project a reality. The event would represent excellent exposure, contacts and opportunities for producers and designers, and if successful would become a yearly event.

If this is something you would be interested in, please send me a message on this forum.
Best regards,

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Hi Edith, Im certainly interested.
Hello, I am very interested.
Hi Edith,

My name is Eric, organiser for Clothes Show Ghana and London Designers Fashion Show, I would love to help, but my field is Production and organising the team above, I base in London and there are so many Africa designers over here am working with, I would like to know if you have date, so i can see what I can do.

Hi, and thank you to all who have replied so quickly expressing interest. I shall be posting some more info soon and will be responding to some of the emails I've already received. Thank you all for your support!


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