Hi, Im just starting out with my own fair trade and organic cotton company in Australia. Im researching ethical manufacturers who can produce great graphic prints onto organic cotton without using all the harmful chemicals that is usually associated with graphic printing. Any leads or ideas would be so helpful. THanks Carlie (Indigo Bazaar)

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Hello Carlie,


I know somebody in Greece who can do that, but i guess it is too far for you.

I am sure you will find somebody in Australia.

Good luck


Hi Athena,


Thanks for your message. Im looking at manufacturing in India so will need the printing done there. Are you based in Australia?



Hello Athena,


I'm interested in this people in Greece.  Can you tell me more about them, and their contact info? 




I am based in India, here you can get mud resisit Indigo printing done, as well as traditional iron black and red and tan type colours. The traditionalc olours that are really enduring are only in a limited palette, unfortunatley.

Block print now is often done with pigment ink, the good thing about block print compared to screen print is it uses much less water- almost all the ink ends up bonded to the fabric.

it is also keeping tradition alive and prodeces more work for people than blockprint, something we really need in India.


Hi Carlie - 

I know it its a very old thread. But just wondering if you could solve your problem. I am based out of India, so I may be of help.



Hi Carlie

We are an ethical printing company producing printed textile products and bags. We use sustainable fibres and make products which can be reused over 5,000 times. The inks that we use are REACH compliant and we source Fairtrade & GOTS certified cotton.

Please take a look at  www.bagsofethics.org for more on our products and do get in touch with us if your company would like a quote.



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