can we start an EFF sanctioned Social in Seattle? Is there an official way or ok the DIY way?

Kim of Kimmi Designs and i are planning to organize Seattle and Portland Sustainable designers for support, info sessions and shows etc. Our first one will be early next Spring as the big holiday craft and bazaar season is approaching.
In the meantime we are inviting them in but i would really like to be connected with an established organization so we can learn from your experiences and have that added creditability
thanks much,
deborah barnes of fashionRIP Project

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E-mail Joey on for a hosting pack. A social group in Seattle would be great!
Thank you and i will add the network as a link. I got behind as am prpping a lecture for the 28th and doing fashion shows which is still the "way" to show fashion In Seattle a fabric medium -recycouture- for an art installation about relationships to larger pictures....well tis a foreign language and i keep trying to translate.

Seattle started the first city wide recycle program so it is a natural home for the first EF network social on the West Coast. Thanks again
PS Amisha would you like to say something to Seattle about why you are into ethical fashion? i like to show real people via quotes and photos in the lectures because it maintains the real, the street level and grassroots power and reality that is so lost to the celeb pushers and media over here!
thanks again deborah


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