This is May from Regenerate Clothing, please can you introduce yourself here and tell us about what kind of clothing, fabrics and interests you have in Ethical Fashion. 

We are looking to bring together professionals who are interested in producing ethical ranges in Indonesia and would like to build a network so we can collaborate in new projects and events. 

Look forward to hearing from you 


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Hello fellow eco-warriors!

I'm Anja from Studio Anglindo; co-initator with May promoting Ethical Fashion in Indonesia.

Originally from Germany, I have been based in Bandung, Indonesia for the last 6 months to develop ethical clothing, looking at different appoaches. Am on the look-out for other eco-designers, ethical producers and suppliers for sustainable fabrics (org. cotton, bamboo, hemp etc) in Indonesia.

This group will bring us together to exchange thoughts, ideas and create links for collaborations. Invite anyone who you think might be interested!


www.studio-anglindo.com - watch this space, anglindo shop being launched next week!


This is Pauline from Peony Rice - we are Hong Kong based womenswear brand working with producers in cambodia and Vietnam. We just started a couple of years ago  i am looking to explore Indonesia next for cotton and batiks. If anyone can help - it would be much appreciated. Look forward to connecting with people of similiar backgrounds.


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