Hi all!
Im looking at a Masters in Fashion business (marketing and management) and have applied to 2 courses in London college of Fashion (LCF) and Nottingham Trent (NTU) . But as my acceptance date nears, i still cant decide which is a better college, in terms of resources and future placement options. I plan to do my research in Ethical fashion. Can you please suggest which college is a better option?

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Im currently studying for my Masters in Fashion Marketing Communication at NTU ... working on my dissertation at present.
I dont really know the teaching aspects or outcomes of LCF ... while I was at NTU ..i got great support and help from staff and even from fellow academic students .. ..

I think it would be wise to decide what suits you and your future plans ..

But i found NTU great and at the forefront of Fashion ...and very up-to-date with recent fashion events and promoting fellow students to go that one step further.

i made great friends from all around the world and were great to work with. Good luck with your choice! Be well.


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