Some of us are start-ups and they are facing lots of challenges from producing their line, reaching their customers, creating websites etc... Some of us are established brands but still are facing problems in scaling up etc... So what are your challenges ?

There are  people out there that have already faced the same challenges you are going through today and might give you their advice...

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  People who produce green goods ,organic goods are having structural issues  of very special kind to generate volume sale s, like the kind and nature of chemical ones . Their strange nature  is they are freed from illusion , innate creative , eco conscious, and evolved . 97% of the global population are not  that evolved . Their mind alterations  are tough to come soon , they are aware  what is good but the society will not allow it , or Big corporates will not , or their own brain wash state will not allow this altering easily . They are surrounded with  many man created monsters and  institutions of stereo type centric  that  was make up of  2 nd millennium generations of people . To make them evolved , one needs struggle for next 5 generations of alterations .

  The 3 % who are evolved do not  need ,they are beyond the chemical or organic. It took 100 years to introduce Synthetic Indigo color in denims. Now it is taking 100 years for them to accept the natural Indigo denim .

I own and operate a few businesses with the latest one being a womens fashion clothing discount website. I think my biggest daily challenges recently have been researching and getting to grips with different industries and markets. In addition to that its just the usual staffing and management stuff, they're always a challenge :S


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