Hello to all,
I am wondering if anyone can help me find the appropriate trade show to wholesale my line of bags and wallets. I have been designing and producing a line of accessories made at a socially responsible factory in Albuquerque New Mexico and have sold throughout the USA, I am looking to open my market to Europe. What is a trade show in Europe or UK that i could sell my accessories (made from recycled billboards and recycled clothing) ?
Thank you,
Susan Todd

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Hi Susan,

Depends a bit what kind of volume you are looking to sell, but some of the bigger UK trade fairs would be Top Drawer, Pure and Spring Fair. These are large events that seem to be well attended by a mix of big name buyers and independants. Haven't been in the industry long enough myself to know about the smaller ones, but these may be of some interest.

BTW - think your bags look really cool.

Good luck,
Thanks Mary-Jane, I found your suggestions helpful ! How good of you to have replied. Hope you have a nice Feb. 1st !
Thanks again,


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