Sources do exist for natural tannin binder based dying of textiles .

    Hi All ,

    Dying now developed in multiple ways . Since we are born and brought up in traditional village we have  been doing it in 3 ways now .


     1. Low Impact and Eco friendly way .


      2. From plants  color is extracted  and stored and dyed with small chemical . 


       3. From plants color taken out from grinding it in pigment form and dyed . This is the ancient method ,in this one herb power is said to retained in the fabric and it it was called Bio sheath . When garments made on this fabric it is called Health Rich Garments . 


      We have developed on the 3 rd process many garments and found the health benifit to customers

When you are breathing 24,000 times a day the micro nano capsules of Indigo herbs travels inside yur body and bring detoxification  and many other benifits .Now Nano scientists found out that  Indigo can  destroy wicked bacterias  with out allowing it to grow to the state of bacterium  that can kill people .

       With lots of heavy metal free radicals now float everywhere in ones office and home gadgeets radiation the wicked bacterias like E colie easily turn into bacterium. With Indigo inside  a war is waged .You can see the Ts made of this Indigo . It is to be experienced  not said in words  in matters like this words are empty in this .   Health Rich 


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       The 4 Square stones in the square  Indigo extration tank is 1000 years old installed,  has symbolic meaning  when Indigo is extracted in pigments afresh for live processing on ethnic way. Each stone represent one diamention of human . Physical  , Mental , Intellect/Science /Psycheic ,and  Spiritual. . Life is  always a relentless, complex , paradoxical one only to unevolved. For evolved one it is balanced in four corners of life to a man. Balance is bliss. Indigo herb power is embeded in the strands of organic cotton  and acts as tribal medicine in 4 ways to remove the pollution poison in human. While it is merging with human cell nurish body , in color look cools and calms one by soothing his eyes and mind that is everywhere in side body outside and in the whole of universe.It strengthens one philosophy /intellect to live easy and simple in style and with minimal objects . Finally it uplifts Spiritual Growth. Thus whole human devlopment is expected from goddess Neeli. Her thousand hands are nothing but symbol of thousand chemical compounds from Nature to man .5,000 years E coli was only Ecoli. Suddenly in the fag end of 2 nd millanium's just  60 years Industrial heavy metal pollution turned them to super bugs  NDMS like Bacterium . IT IS OWING TO THE FACT THAT HEALTH RICH GARMENT WAS POISON RICH  OWING TO CHEMICAL COLORS IN DRESS AND FOOD .96% of of to days processed food is GM  sourced and 96% of fabrics are heavy metal  chemical  processed or dyed.The solid Immune in our body bio-system for so many years was systamatically DNA and Metablism ruined .


     Nature selected our place as bio valley , our factory as bio factory , our Agro farm land Reaserch  Lab has her own to analyse and let us know the fact behind the Indigo protection at nano capsules level.To day modern world has been left orphan with out 65 years foolish  antibiotic and vaccine less.  Now it is that she want to express Herself in many forms, in bio sheaths and health rich garments to protect human body, as well many conciouse souls are to take birth in the Organi Era  . Every year we release one  bio sheath , now we have 33 of them. More will be produced . This is not  a revolution in textiles , it is just age old evolving process from one millanium to another  Goddess Indigo is enacting . From 1985 on She is making us ready for this . Visit our website :  

   We will cover more topic in future comments.















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