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I’m a graduating fashion student from Amsterdam Fashion Institute, currently doing research into how to prevent online projects that drive sustainable fashion consumption from disappearing into the depths of Internet. I have been focusing my thesis on a sustainable fashion venture called The Free Fashion Challenge, a one-year project that is soon coming to its end. In short, my plan is to launch a more permanent platform for this project using the printed media, and for the background research I would much like to ask you a few questions and start a discussion on the topic.

1. What do you think is needed for the sustainable fashion movement to reach the lovers of fashion and inspire them to consume responsibly?

2. Are you familiar with online projects about sustainable fashion consumption, such as Free Fashion Challenge, Six Items Or Less or The Uniform Project? How did you find out about them? Did you follow them on regular basis? Why/why not?

3. Sustainable online projects tend to have their heyday, after which they often begin to fade away with a decreasing amount of clicks. What do you think would be an effective way to keep the readers interested and engaged?

4. What do you think of the already existing books and magazines focusing on sustainable fashion & consumption? Do you read any? Do you think there’s something missing amongst them?

5. What is your opinion on triggering the fashion-oriented consumers to think about their shopping habits by extending a sustainable online project into printed media and turning the concept of fashion magazines upside down, meaning that instead of stimulating the consumer to shop for the must-haves of the season they would be encouraged to be creative with what they already have? Do you think there would be interest/need for a publication like this? Why?

+ Any other thoughts/tips/comments you’d like to share?

Thank you for your time, really appreciate it! Will keep you posted on the process!


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