Hi all. I am Abiegale Stanley and I'm currently going into my seccond year at the University of the West of England. Our group has been set a summer brief which is set around the theme of ethical fashion and sustainability. Were told possibilities we can expolore are things such as: waste management, appropriate use of materials, environmental impact, local industry, promotion and marketing of your concepts. The rest is upto our own interpretation so i was wondering if you guys could give out random ideas and thoughts that pop to mind with what the topics i've been given. Really struggling. But its good to see a whole new side of fashion as i've never explored into the ethical side of things before.

Sorry to bore you, but anything would be appreciated thanks.

Abiegale :)

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Hi Abiegale - I hope I'm not too late responding to your help topic?? It sounds like you've got a pretty good breadth of ideas already - I suppose the alternative meanings of "ethical" could be making clothes or fabrics by working with co-operatives? Or recycling? reclaiming? using by-products?

There's a whole host of interpretations really - you might want to check out http://bit.ly/a3Gybt for loads of ideas and great resources and photos of things that other people have been up to.

I hope you find it helpful? If you'd like any more info or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email: charlie@offsetwarehouse.com



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