Hallo everybody, I have just started writing a blog which will feature, among  other things, sustainable products/brands. I am particularly interested in presenting companies based in Asia, because I am studying the evolution of the eco-consciousness and fair trade in this part of the world (and I am based in China), but contributors from other parts of the world are equally welcome. So please if any of you would like to be featured contact me send me a message or friend me on the forum. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into the website!
Hi, what is your blog... web address? would love to read it
Hi Valerie, the address is fareasttale.blogspot.com I really have just started it and right now looks more like a personal collection of thoughts but I plan to give more space to sustainability and eco fashion which is why I am researching a lot into these topics. Anyway, your comments would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Hi Mariella,

Please check out my ethical jewellery brand - www.savannah-chic.com. My jewellery is made in East Africa using local and recycled materials.

Regards, Shruti
Thank you so much Shruti!
Dear Mariella,

Have a look at our website www.annliz.com. If you want to post something about ANNLIZ you can also reach me on mera@annliz.com.
Hi Mera thanks a lot!

Glad you're interested in the subject. reco® jeans (www.recojeans.com) has it's factory in Wenzhou, China. The factory is a family run business, and the owner saw so much waste every week it made him a little queasy, so he convinced his family to invest in figuring out a way to recycle all the wasted denim and other byproducts. Feel free to email me for more info, kevin at recojeans.com.

My name is Athena Bentila and i am the owner and designer of the 1st ethical fashion label in Greece called "MuMu".

Since i am starting wholesale i am searching for retailers who would be interested in stocking my brand "MuMu".
Being featured in a blog that will be presenting only ethical brands will be a good way to promote my brand and what i do.

Please take a look at my website www.mumusyros.gr 

I would be happy to hear from you.
You can e-mail me at : info@mumusyros.gr

Thank you
Visited your website, liked the website and what you do. We are a manufacturer of garments but we are branching out into retail in India. Do visit our website www.shyla.be

May be in the long run we could do something that would be advantageous to both parties and the environment.

Hi Sanjay,

thank you for your reply.

I hope the best for you and what you do. Let me know if you need anything in the future.


We are a company based out of Darjeeling in India. We have been in the fashion industry for a few years. Currently we are constructing a workshop with local materials like mud, thatch etc and we use local hand spun cotton and silk, vegitable dyes etc.

Please visit our website www.shyla.be




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