Hi everyone

I have just found this website. It is brilliant I can't stop looking at it, there is so much helpful information and a great place to exchange ideas and grow your business.

To give you a little background of me.

I am Helen Sattler, founder of f.rock fashion is the co-creator of Launch My Label - The Fashion Label Accelerator System.

From 5 years , I have been working with the emerging designers , giving them exposure and providing them base to build their successful fashion businesses.

I am more than happy to help people on this forum. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Feel free to visit my website

Helen Sattler

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Dear All!

Launch my label live now!!!! today is the day!!!!..
http:// www.launchmylabel.com/Register

Helen Sattler
Hi Helen,

Great to hear about your business - you might be interested in Offset Warehouse, due to launch in a few months. I think your designers might find it really useful for working ethically!

Basically, we're an online site that brings together everything people need to be ethical in interiors and fashion. So alongside retailing a huge amount of ethical fabrics and trims, we're also developing an enormous database of really useful information for designers about how to develop all aspects of their creations/businesses - from ethical printers, to manufacturers, to stationary suppliers!

Please feel free to drop me an email charlie@offsetwarehouse.com
and check out our facebook / twitter pages for more info :
Facebook: http://bit.ly/a3Gybt
Twitter: http://twitter.com/OffsetWarehouse



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