frnds i have launched my new fashion site we post interview of creative designers . make up artist, fashion photographer and other fashion professionals...we also highlight model of he can u help me out to make it more interesting :)



Founder of My Fashion Villa

Zankhana Thakkar

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Hi, Zankhana!


Congrats for your site! I think it would be a great idea for the community if MyFashionVilla was built around the ethical spirit (fashion, beauty, wellbeing, lifestyle)... because there are not a lot of sites that cover those topics targeted to young audiences like you! That's going immediately give you an edge! ;) I also think you should start focusing all your creative output on a particular idea (i.e. fashion for teens) and/or audience segment (i.e. models, stylists and photographers that work only in the ethical fashion industry) that you think you want and can better serve, otherwise you'll be at risk of being overwhelmed by trying to achieve everything proposed. Always remember what Bing Crosby once said:"I don't know what is the key to success but certainly the key to failure is trying to please everybody".


Best of luck!! :)



thnks a lot for your valuable suggestions. I will note all this and try to implement it :)
please visit my site and give me ur suggestions :)

Hey, Zankhana!


I'd also suggest to be reviewed by your target audience. Go and get their feedback, ideas, reviews, ratings...because this is a good place to find ideas for improvement and innovation for your site. ;)  Also check how your favourite sites (similar to yours) are communicating with, building and retaining their audiences. You can learn a lot from your competitors! Best regards, Rod. :) nice of u....this tips are really very important for me...i will do everything as u said...thnks a lot..
Hey, thanks! =) But I don't think you have to do everything as I said! lol :) Also listen to your passions and interests, and know your weaknesses and strengths and think about the things you value the most,  so you can better envision your project and take our opinions as simple guidances to achieve what you possibly can and want to do. I'm not The Truth. I'm just Rod. :) Cheers!

Hi Zankhana


I might have a slightly different perspective to other comments on here - I'm not so much a fashion person! I develop websites, and got interested in the "ethical fashion" subject area after developing a site for Muddandwater (


I'd encourage you to write - as much as you can! A site lives or dies by getting traffic to it, and to do that, you have to generate content that the search engines like....and it has to be good content. I'd suggest getting your friends to help you too - getting different opinions on things has two effects:

1.) it gives diversity of views

2.) it lessens the load on you having to write everything!


Interviews are good too, especially with people relevant to your target market.



decide your target market, work out what they're searching for, figure out your key-phrases, then make sure that you use those key-phrases in your content whenever possible, without it becoming boring to read.


Hope that all makes sense, and good luck! If we can be of service to you (or anyone else?!) in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me:






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