I am delhi (India) based designer working in sustainable fashion and craft. we are looking for a web designer who can design website for us.I shall be great full ,if some one can get involve with us as volunteer in doing/developing this web works for us.


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I was just based in Delhi, but no longer! However if you drop me an email (jacob@verse.org) outlining what you expect from your prospective site maybe I can assist, if at least in part.
Dear Jacob,

Thank you for taking time off and writing.
It is fortunate that some one like you has come forward to help.
Actually I also want idea from people/ designer about the website. The website has to be communicative about the product and process. so It can helps us to market our product internationally.
Our Organisation has two segment one we produce hi end(very glamorous) and mass market apparel only from organic fabric and vegetable dyed .
Second we also do consultancy for other smaller groups in field of design and technology, We also take lecture and craft tour for the international scholars and visitors to India.We work with lots of crafts people across Rural India.

It helps us to provide lively hood ,keep our environment clean and support age old crafts in revival and promotion.

Hope it will be give you a fair idea. please let me know for any further info. We can also chat on skype or google talk for the same .

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hello Dhirendra, I have noticed your recent comments and emails.
We import from India various fabrics and are always looking for reliable contacts to help us source and design
fair trade and organic cotton fabrics. Have a look at our website www.organiccotton.biz.If you think you can help, please get in touch.


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