Looking for suppliers/contacts for Eco components for mens shoes

Does anyone know of any suppliers/contacts who supply eco components for shoes, in particular luxury mens shoes? For example, vegetable leather, recycled rubber/leather, bamboo/hemp components,eco memory foam etc etc

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Hey Jasmine,

There's an old article about veg leather on treehugger, that may be worth looking at. Several of the comments were left by people in the veg leather business, so that may be a place to start.

It also might be worth getting in touch with the guy who founded Carga Bags. He uses a tannery in Argentina that is about as eco as you can get.

For other eco-friendly components, you might want to try getting in touch with the founder of Entermodal and see who he sources from.

Lastly, you may want to consider reaching out to UK based Folk, whose Shofolk footwear line as all veg leather and artisan made.

Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure how forthcoming any of these companies will be with their sources. But I doubt it would hurt to ask.

Good luck,

Hi Brad
apologises for my late reply, however thank you for your recommendations!
I will let you know how i get on!
I've tried the cork roll from Algeos.co.uk, Liverpool but it's not strong enough without a backing to use as uppers. They also sell Poron open-cell footwear foam which is meant to be less sweaty, but http://www.technicalfoamservices.co.uk/footwear_foams.php seem more able to advise on memory foam.

Western Board and Texon are still making board insoles of the sort that mould to the shape of your feet. I have never contacted them directly to ask how much they're recycled and how much they use sustainably-grown wood pulp: maybe it's a bit of both?

The cork filler used for mid-soles has acetone in it but is otherwise quite eco-friendly. It's from Algeos or Shoes.co.uk who make it.

Rubber from tyres is a problem because it has wire in it. Ecolution of Romania cut tyres into sole shapes - they must have a supply of wire-free ones - and I guess they sell to other people because the soles look very much like the ones on Unswooshers from Adbusters, which are made in Portugal. Ecolution speak English and have been known to come to trade shows in the UK. As for getting tyres cut into sole shapes in the UK, I've never discovered which tyres don't have wire all the way through them. Hearse tyres possibly. Maybe someone knows about moped tyres?

One place that ought to be keen on cutting rubber is E Tailby near Rushden, but they're a traditional place and didn't sound keen at all when I rang to ask. They do traditional crepe rubber soles though, which should be quite eco-friendly and will help get the shape right for you if you buy 50 pairs per style at a time.

I bought 1m of the cork/rubber roll sold at Algaos but it's not breathable and not strong; it needs backing.

Good luck with your search. Just out of curiosity, could these shoes be available wholesale under £30 or £50?
Hi John
Thank you for your email and i apologise for the late reply.
I will have a look into your suggestions. My shoes are being produced in Italy so the wholesale prices are much, much higher.
Good luck with your search and if i come across anything that may be of interest i will let you know.
Hi Jasmine,

I've done some research on sourcing chrome-free leather and have found a tannery in Germany - Ecopell that seems really good. Also, found Natureally - organic leather - yesterday. I wonder if you could let me know whether you have any luck finding out about more eco leather - ie.about that tannery in Argentina that supplies Carga Bags...?

thanks, Esther

HI all :),

I have just joined this community and i found this thread by luck :).

We are the first exclusively organic leather brand. We launched in 2006 in Hollywood (CA) with the vision of creating an umbrella brand promoting and selling organic leather products and hides world wide.

We offer two kinds of leather:

1) Eco-leather leather hides: that has been organically tanned and processed in an eco-friendly way. These hides come from south America where 98% of cows are grass feed free range, it is probably one of the best places in the world to be a cow in terms of freedom, weather and grass. 

2) Organic leather hides: that has been organically raised & organically tanned then processed in an eco-friendly way. These hides come from the U.K , where we work closely with the organic farm and the tannery. The cows are grass feed free range. Check our O.L channel where we had done an interview with the owner of the farm.  

We are very conscientious about where our hides are coming from and have chosen the farms that we work with very carefully.Please check this link for more information : http://www.organicleather.com/our-organic-leather-and-eco-leather

for further information pleas visit our website: www.organicleather.com or email me info@organicleather.com

Greenfully Yours,



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