Looking for Manufacturers in the EU to make recycled organic hoodies that are ethically certified at reasonable price

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a Manufacturers in the UK or EU that are Fair Wear certified (or similar) and use organic cotton and recycled polyester. We are a small but fast growing company and want to get our hoodies made closer to home so we can visit the manufacturers and work together on designs, ideally we would love to find one in the EU so that we do not have to pay import which hit us hard last year.

Last year we got our hoodies made in China and the quality was outstanding, they really do have some great machinery that I am struggling to find in UK / European Union! We need to get some samples made asap, with the full batch needing to be ready at the end of November! We have almost finished the designs for them and can send an example of our existing hoods..

They are feature-full with lots of pockets, we have 3 designs and 3 sizes in each design.

Any information anyone has on who to contact would be very much appreciated, we have been going in circles through web search alone.

Really pleased to of found this forum, some really great stuff on here!


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Dear Emma,

we were very pleased to read your request because we believe we are exactly what you are looking for!

We are a small company, family owned and family run who strongly believe in eco-sustainability especially when dealing with clothing. Our seat is in Legnaro, a small town in the North-East of Italy, close to Venice.

We advocate the craftmade of the MADE IN ITALY - which is a guarantee itself - and we apply it in sustainable clothes production.

Currently we mainly concentrate on kids line but we would be willing to produce an adult line upon request.

We only produce hoodies made of hemp in the outside and cotton gauze in the inside. The hoodies you mentioned would not only look great but with our material will be extremely comfotable, stylish and above all sustainable, as we are sure you are already well aware of the benefits these kinds of natural material have.

Looking foward your reply and hoping to soon start a great collaboration together

Best regards,

Pierpaolo Manellino & Daniela Ballin
HEMPTAILOR's cofounders

LOOKBOOK  (only for have idea of our kids production)

Hi Pierpaolo,

Thanks for your reply! This sounds good! Do you have a direct contact email or can you get in contact with us? themutecollective@gmail.com

I look forward to your reply!


Dear Emma,
you can write to info@hemptailor.com, we'll answer as soon as possible


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