Is there such things as Fairtrade or Ethical packaging? Help is needed.



Here at BusyBoy we believe heavily upon Fairtrade and CSR measures, however, we have been asking ourselves this question for a long time "Is there such thing as Fairtrade/ ethical packaging".


As you know the majority of good received through our doors or in the shops are wrapped in plastic packaging, but is there a substitute? For example a thicker paper packaging etc. 


We know that you can buy recycled plastic bags in which our products can be wrapped but we were hoping not to use plastic full stop.


Has any the knowledge in this area? Please help!


Mackenzie Travers @ BusyBoy 

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Hello, yes there are ethical alternatives, it really does depend on what you are wishing to use these for.  

There is - recycled paper wrapping, recycled boxes to send your items or have them wrapped, reusable wrapping made from cloth or even organic leather fabric.  It may not be specifically "fair-trade" certified, yet as close to true fair and even slow production. 





Thank you for replying, I will be looking into these methods very soon these all sound very promising! 



Thanks again.


Mackenzie Travers @ BusyBoy

Hi Mackenzie,


There are a number of options; from recycled plastic bags as you mentioned to eco paper and woven bags. One company with a vast range of ethically produced bags is:


There is also a company producing eco packaging:


A useful tool on our website is our business directory. You can search the Ethical Fashion Forum SOURCE directory to link up with sustainable businesses. The link is:

Hope this helps,





Hello Emma,


Thank you for these links I will be looking into what you have provided and hope that there is something for us here at BusyBoy as we aim to be completely ethical. 


Thanks again.


Mackenzie Travers @ BusyBoy


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