We are looking at producing outside the UK. However, it is very important that the factory is ethical. Are there any internationally recognised standards / certifications that the factory would have signed up to, to proove it is ethical? If so how can I find this out? Does anyone have any experience of working with factories outside the European Union and if so how did they vet the factory?

If anyone can guide me in the right diretion that would be great.

Many thanks

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Complex area. Take a look at the Ethical Trading Intiative's website www.ethicaltrade.org.

There are a couple of Standards of varying quality: SA8000 and WRAP.
Thanks Clare. I have heard about SA8000 although I have since been told there is a lot of fraud that goes on with this! I will take a look at WRAP and also ethical trade.

Surprised there is not international body that is able to identify supply chains that are clean and then encourage companies like ourselves to produce via them.

Thanks for your help
hi...its been dificult to get the factory for ethical ...i hope if you think you want to make anything you can think in bangladesh ad if you think its possible here pls mail me i am eager to ork on it

debashis chakma
fashion designer
Dear Harry, have a look at our website www.annliz.com. We could put you in contact with ethcial, small organisations and havbe the whole production process monitored for you. We are orginially from the Netherlands, now based on Bali, dedicated to improve the fashion industry over here. Just drop a line when you are interested! Mera
Hello Harry,

Indeed a tricky area, particularly when working with overseas companies and limited ability to travel. Even big fashion companies have to carry out regular checks on their suppliers to make sure all aspects are respected.

You must also take into consideration the type of product you are making as some countries have specialised factories for certain type of products or just are better at them than others.

Try http://fashioninganethicalindustry.org , they have some useful tips and info.

If, however, you are still considering UK production, give me a ring or drop me an email. I run a small sampling and production unit in South Wimbledon and we have implemented many ethical and sustainable standards to our everyday practises.

Good luck.

All the best,



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