How do I go about obtaining unwanted fabrics from designers/companies?

Hi There,

Does anyone know how i can go about getting unwanted fabrics from designers/companies? I'm going into my final year in september and want to produce it in the most ethical way possible so if there is anyone out there who has a stock of unwanted fabrics that they are willing to sell for a reasonable price (student here!) or knows about anyone who would be willing to do business with me leave me a comment!



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Just speak to fabric buyers/developer and ask them what they do with the spare sample fabric? simple but probably effective
I used to work for Jaeger and back then we used to sell it off very cheaply. Good luck
Hi Chelsea,

We have some very luxurious bamboo for sale which I would like to get rid of from our old production.
It is perfect for small quantities of clothing or accessories. It is the very soft woven bamboo we used in our first collection for throws and cushions and dressing gowns.

I also have some small vegetable tanned leather goat skins which are beautiful.

Approx: 90ms in cream/ivory
Approx: 40ms - navy
Approx: 35ms - mushroom

It cost us £18 per meter and I am happy to sell it at £10 per metre to make more space in our studio!

Please contact me on: 07824 825 895 | 020 8452 8764 if you are interested.

I e-mailed concerning the fabrics a few days ago and haven't yet heard back, hoping to hear from you soon!

Hi this can be very simple - just a phone call can do it. I occasionally have found bags or fabrics on eBay too.

When companies have had fabrics or prints created especially for them, they may have more reservations.
It will help hugely if you make it clear to them that you are still studying and will not use the fabric commercially.. Once you have graduated it may be more difficult, so bear this in mind when creating your future collections.

I'm also planning a textile swap for designers in the next month or so - would this be of interest to you? would you like to help out?
Hi Lucy,

The textile swap sounds interesting. What will it involve me doing...swapping textiles i'm assuming lol? But would be great to know more about it, i've added you as friend so do send me a message about it!

Hello there,

I would be very much interested in helping you out organising this event, as I would like to learn a lot about textiles in general, and get in touch with designers as well, just to lear how they usually work. I am planning to open a business in the next couple of years, and I am looking for opportunities to learn and dicover this industry. I would appreciate if you could get in touch if you need any help. I hope I can :) Thanks Kinga
where are you located?
my home is north London and during my university term i live in Kent
HI All

I may have some quality hemp/silk fabric for resale in a few weeks. Quite a few colours and quite a few metres and I am happy to sell these on to anyone interested.



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