How can the Ethical Fashion Forum help you and your business??!?

The Ethical Fashion Forum are developing a new website aiming to be the
leading source of industry information for fashion businesses and professionals and the only website to do this with an ethical focus.

The website aims to provide readers with an informative and engaging source of information which will help them to improve and grow their businesses. In order to make this resource as effective as possible we want you to tell us what information you would like to see on the site. What kind of advice do you need from our team of expert? What contacts and links would you like us to provide you with? Which countries, brands, producers, fabrics, etc would you like to learn more about?

We would really appreciate your comments and ideas to help us build a source of information that really works for you.


Victoria- on behalf of the Ethical Fashion Forum

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Hey, Emma, members!


Thanks for the reply!


I think we, existing members, should participate more in the forum (both frequency and quantity of ! We need to promote debate, discussion, ideas! Contribute to the community! We are so many professionals in the network with knowledge to share! C'mon people! Where are you? Otherwise upcoming fist time visitors will have the feeling or impression that there's nobody in the LARGEST ethical clothing community to care about their problems, questions, enquiries.... I've been in other industry forums where participation is so high that they require entire armies of moderators! While I know this forum is not high in numbers (this is not a celebrity gossip forum) I certainly know we are fans. Fans of ethical. And unlike fan, we are not passionate to talk about ethical not even in our community.


In my opinion some kind of leadership in the forums benefits ( leadership by  example, that is, posting, posting, posting! I bet EFF staff has loads of things to share to the community through the forums not only through the magazine! :)


The chat function hasn't worked yet for me (every time I try to get in contact with EFF staff from I receive no answer. I know it's not because you don't care but because you don't even realise there's a message for you considering the chat board is built-in the page! You need to be there or have a look every minute to know if some one is over there) but I don't know if it's working for others. In any case, I'd suggest webmasters to check and analyse web analytics to see or try to identify what sections, functions works with the user and what doesn't, etc.


Well, I'm done for now. :) Yet there are more things to address.




Hi Rod,

What a fabulous message, thank you!

Participation on the network is an issue at the moment but we are determined to improve on this. The team here have been very busy (as you appreciate) as EFF has been growing.

Our focus now is on improving the network as we currently have over 5,000 members who all joined for different reasons.We are determined to get the network buzzing again! We are looking at ways to link up what is going on elsewhere with the network so that it is connected with other areas like the magazine rather than competing with them.

I think another key area I can look at from your feedback is EFF participation on  the network, there is scope for EFF presence on the network to be greater and will address this with the team.






If there are areas people feel need improving in the user experience please let me know as this can be a reason why people don't visit the network.


Also, any additional tips would be great, what do you want to see on your home page and what could you do without?


Look forward to continued discussions.



Hey, Emma!


Thanks for your reply!


5000 members!? Nice! Loads of interests, you are right! Since EFF offers a range of services to its members perhaps I'm just part of a small segment of people that would love to interact and/or discuss with other members of the Ethical Fashion Forum's forum! ;)




Is NJ Bond for real? It seems like a spambot.

Oh thank God you are for real and you are not just spamboting us with some random cranky kooky quotes!




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So what's your next quack about? :D


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