Hello Students group,

Im a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins and Im super keen to see what kind of programmes or events your university offers, regarding, Ethical, Organic and Sustainable Issues?

Does your Uni put on any lectures or events?
Is it included as a module in your studies?
What do you do to find out more about these issues?

I am going to India, to learn and find out more about Ethical Factories and Organic Cotton Farmers, and all those involved. I will be writting a once/twice weekley blog about it also. As an informative and understandable tool to help us young ones out!

IWhat do you think?



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Hey Sarah,

Its great to know ur in India and i definitely look forward to read ur blog soon. Im heading to London next month for my Masters in Design Management and my research is in sustainable business practices in India. I would love to discuss the sourcing issues with you whenever possible. Will you be in Mumbai before first week of September by any chance? please let me know if you are, we could meet before i leave or maybe catch up in UK whenever u come back.

Hi Sarah,

I would be really interested in reading your blog and would love to be kept up to date with your weekly info.
I am at present going into my second year at Coventry Uni doing a BA in Fashion Design, so far we haven't done anything to do with ethical fashion and everything I have done so far has been my own research.

Good luck with your travels

We are a small team of creative (fashion, architecture, graphics) launching an ethical tops collection embroidered by hand and manufactured in India, around a fantastic concept cutting down waste, bringing to the front hand crafts... and we need help on different levels. Unfortunately there is no funds to pay anyone in the team yet, but an unique opportunity to come with me in India to see our designs being turn into reality. If you could have a few hours per week free to give us a hand, i would be happy to tell u more and show you where we are upt to... please do not hesitate to email me at malvinaldine@hotmail.com
I'm a second year fashion student and really interested in ethical fashion and textiles. Where will I be able to see your blog, would be really interested to read what you find in India. My course is part of Bournemouth uni and they are pretty rubbish in this area, we don't have any special lectures in this area. I did my first year at Winchester School of Art and they were much better with a good focus on the ethical side of fashion and textiles.

I do as much as I can to find out my own information in this area as it will be my sole focus on graduating and I too am really interested in finding places in India where I can get designs made as ethically as possible and source ethical fabrics. Love to know how you go! :)

Hi Sarah,

This is extremely interesting. I'm a second year student of Fashion Management (one year later than everyone else in here it seems). We have a few lectures in every unit about CSR and production of fashion, but only in this second year - not otherwise.


The major thing though, is that I'm about to plan a term in the PEARL Academy, New Delhi. SO if anyone in here has experience with that school please tell me about it!


Anyhow I'll get started reading your blog - mine is www.learningthebusinessoffashion.tumblr.com where I'll keep everyone posted on my plans



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