Hello, this is sois from Projotno Bangladesh. We are women leaded and a collective effort in the form of Self-Help Group and with the sense of cooperative initiative. The members are mostly rural mothers and /or migrated from rural areas to urban slum. It's rights base and up holding the Children Rights to advocate to the duty bearers and caregivers through making example of success and creating the route of combating the hunger and all discrimination to the children and the women. Empowering the mothers is the key way to save the childrenfrom all discrimination we believe. Making and increasing involvement of the mothers in manufacturing ethical products and ensuring the ownership of the producers(called worker in the industry) by sharing the decision, capital, labor (physical) and profit. Hand made, low cost, recycle/up cycle, organic and/or harmful chemical free, and child labor free ( child friendly work system) is our key work to describe the brand!!
We are grateful to be connected and looking for collaboration with some one an excellent professional like you!

how rural women combat hunger!

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