I am looking for Ethical Jewelry Manufacturers (Silver/Gold mix with fabric) all over the world... are you one or do you know where there is? I am looking to launch an exciting range....
I am also extremely interested in setting up an organization to train up people and to offer people a safe and secure place to work and gain a steady income.  Anyone want to have a chat about this and potentially work towards this with me?? 
I am bursting with ideas and creativity and desperately want to make things happen.... if you are like minded, please get in touch!


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What kind of jewelry do you like most? Necklace, earring, bracelet or others.
Hi Candy,
I mainly design necklaces and bracelets at the moment....
Oh, you are designer. I just know something about jewelry. And i am a seller for jewelry. hehe......
My favorit necklace is my name necklace that I pruchased on www.MyNameNecklace.co.uk. It is so pretty and you can wear is to everything
This sounds fun. Show some pieces. I love jewellery and an avid buyer who is always on the prowl for interesting stuff
hi you can post some pictures of your design so we make can make sure wether somebody can do it

Thank you! would be great to get in touch with people interested in Colombian Arts and Crafts :) Have you heard about filigree? well Colombia is one of the biggest mining countries in the world and we are developing exciting community projects to make it fair, sustainable , ethical and profitable. Call me and we can discuss about it. Take a look to my  facebook page , you will find more details about me and my work promoting colombian crafts. angelicasalaza@gmail.com, tel. 07811 81 50 92. Angelica


pls take few mins on my post, see if i can help you with your accessory request. :)



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