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Hi All,


Hoping to get some discussion going on fast fashion, what your buying principles are, etc...


I'm studying Design Management & Innovation, and want to explore ethical fashion. As part of my studies, I have identified that ASOS has been very succesful in the online fashion market, particularly considering they were only founded in 2000. Can ethical fashion compete?


We've all had to buy for occasion once or twice, whether for an interview, event, possibly at short notice, and it's difficult to deny the proposal of the convenience of shopping online. Or the choice. Especially at ASOS, with over 80,000 products to choose from. But does the shere amount of choice cancel out convenience by the time you've found what you're looking for?


And is the business model sustainable?


I'm questioning whether the corporate philosophy will need to evolve. ASOS used to stand for As Seen On Screen, but not so much these days... What does ASOS stand for these days?!


There are so many brands on there, now even a 'Green Room'...! What do you guys think of this?


Please discuss!!!


Also, I'll now hit you with the surveys! Just x2, under 10 questions each. As all you students on here know, bigger samples are better!! As always, if you do my survey, I'll do yours!!! :)


Survey 1 - ASOS brand perceptions - advertising & promotional materials:


Survey 2 - ASOS Web Site Users (only is you have visited


Thank you so much!




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Ok, so I'm not having much success getting replies! :(

I even tried asking on the 'ASOS Life', and managed to get one response, but now I can't find my post and I think ASOS have removed it. How rude!


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