Hi everyone, Im the founder and CEO of a new social responsible e-commerce portal called touch2give.com

We are looking for independent and niche brands that:
1. are made in a responsible way and follow UN policy on labor laws- so this means any brands made in Europe or countries not found at high risk
2. brands that have an ethical or sustainable component

We also give 5% of what we earn on commission to support our philanthropy partners as corporate social responsibility is also important to us.

I used to be responsible for client marketing in Asia for Christie's and than I went to design school and launched my own brand in Paris so I understand all the problems that emerging brand owners face.

The idea of touch2give.com  was started thinking of how to unite and help brands and all my friends in fashion who are brand owners and workign and creating much more innovative design and concepts than the BIG BRANDS- that have become banal.

You can email me at clairechung@touch2give.com.

United, we can become a powerful economic force.

Would love your feedback!

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Dear Mary,
May I please have your direct email?

I will send you our presentation and we can discuss thing further. I attended the Ethical fashion awards in nov and saw the collection- really like what you are doing.

Thanks and all the best!
I have read your post with interest. I am based in Cape Town, South Africa and we manufacture a range of leather handbags. We are a small company and is looking for a portal to take our company and products to the next level. Our quality is excellent and compares well with products priced much higher. I am of the opinion that if the right people see our products we will do really well, but as you are aware it is difficult to sometimes reach the correct people. I can send you a catalog should you be interested.
Pieter Keyser
+27 83 7003056
Dear Pieter.

Thanks for your interest and we would love to see your collection. Please email me at clairechung@touch2give.com.

Have a look at our site www.touch2give.com and let us know what you think and join us on facebook!

All the best
Dear Claire,

Have a look at our website www.annliz.com. We have created a small platfrom of international designers who take their social responsibility and are aware of the impact of the environment here. They want to do it different than the big brands here who try to avoid andy responsibility but get the best deals. The designers we work with have achieved a international recognition and only produce high end handmade pieces. Good luck with you platform, Mera
Dear Mera,

You have a beautiful site with great brands. Well done. Im always interested in working in partnerships and we are starting to collaborate with showrooms as well who are focused on ethilcal fashion.

Its such a big world and everyone is working towards promoting this new emerging direction in fashion so if we can join forces- all the better.

What is your email? My email is clairechung@touch2give.com

Thanks and all the best,
Hi Claire, please keep us updated on how the setting up of this business is going! I will be very much interested in knowing more and writing about it...by the way where are you based? Mariella


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