I think for a culture with such a large following, it is shocking to see so little available for the ethical reader. I read blogs and ezines that are dedicated to this area, however, maybe it is because i am old fashioned, i still love to buy magazines and am struggling to discover one to my taste. I am researching into the ethical market, and was wondering what your opinion is on the current selection of ethical magazines available in print?


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What blogs and ezines do you read? I myself find it pretty difficult to find any source which is regularly updated about ethical living or the more interesting indie sites.
I agree, there isn't an awful lot in print that is devoted to this area. NewConsumer and the Ecologist cover a fairly broad range of ethical/environmental issues, including some on fashion. But my favourite read is a magazine called Sublime, the features are well written and stimulating and the photoshoots are beautifully presented, competing with the high end glossies . It doesn't try to shove being 'eco' or 'green' down your throat, but shows how it can be part of your lifestyle in a meaningful, engaged and thoughtful way.

Eco Fashion World brings out a digital magazine every month:

We have been reporting on the new print mags that are on the market:

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will get regular updates on all eco fashion news from around the world!
I've just invited my GF Kelly Wilkinson to this site and I think you may be interested to speak/chat with her! She wrote her thesis on ethical and environmental/sustainable fashion. This site is very exiting to me so I can't imagine how it will be for her! I'm sure she will be on very soon! All the best . Thomas :)

You can subscribe to the eco textile magazine, but I think it is quite expensive and I guess there is pretty much everything covered on the website.


A print magazine which I do love is Adbusters, a Canadain based mag. This isn't specifically centered around eco textiles and fashion design, but it publishes really interesting articles- anti-corporation, quite pollitical but grreat imagery and always really interesting topics. They also offer a really large spread for user letters (normally in most mags these are quite boring) BUT, in adbusters they are super interesting. It is great and really insightful to hear so many people'd opinions on global issues....and you realize you are not alone in your quest to fight the cause!
also this one has just launched:
Check out NU Magazine (featured in this month's Big Issue)

Dedicated to uncovering the best in ethical fashion - vintage, recycled, organic, fairly traded, sustainable materials, locally produced - Nu is a seasonal magazine, bringing you great clothes and accessories to see you through the year.
I agree, I think they are slowly cropping up though and that we will see more in the future. Lifescape's quite a nice ethical glossy magazine, which covers everything from fashion to more in-depth features. Also some of the mainstream publications now have dedicated 'green pages', such as Marie Claire...

Peppermint Magazine - is the first ethical fashion magazine in Australia - and its briliant.
It's jam-packed with inspiration! Our fair trade, vegan shoes with recycled textile art... feature in this month's edition.

Check it out!


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