Ethical Fashion and Sustainable Fashion- is there a difference?

I am writing my dissertation and i don't know whether to use the term ethical fashion or sustainable fashion and i don't want to use both terms in the essay tg avoid confusion and a lack of clarity.

Is ethical fashion fashion that's focused around moral principles and sustainable fashion based and focused on longevity, sustaining people and the environment?

Would appreciate your help!



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Hi Chelsea,
I am also writing a dissertation,
I reckon the difference is, that sustainable is about thing that are reusable,and recyclable, ie if you use lots of cotton, repalce with it, so you sustain gro wth and further production for the enviromeent, and the groweres.with Ethics is more about
people who work , hours, fari treatment,fair trade,labour laws. You could use is as an argument in one of your chapters.
I am looking for info on statistics on the market share of Ethical Fashion, how much it has grown,and if there is a forecast of its rie for the next 10 years. I gonna put the question out there on the network.Ciao Cloudia
Thanks Cloudia! :)


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