Designer looking for advice re: fairtrade suppliers and organic cotton :)

Hi there,


I am a fashion student and I am eager to start working on my own collections alongside my studies.


I would like to produce my clothing with sustainability in mind but I have a few queries.


'Organic' : I once spoke to a college professor who told me that there is more water used to yield organic cotton that usual and so this cant be good for third world countries that struggle for water, is this still the case or have manufacturing process improved?


Also there are a few fabric suppliers supplying fair trade fabrics but I wondered if anybody had any good suppliers that they use, also supplying threads and such, and possibly sample packs for me to have a look at the fabrics.


Pardon my ignorance, and thanks in anticipation :)



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Hi Ashley,

Great to hear about your venture to use fair trade fabrics.


In regards to your questions about organic cottons etc, I'd suggest checking out our "Resources" section - some great reports and useful pieces of info:


And please do check out our fabrics:

We've also got ethical threads :

and sample packs:


Hope that helps!!

Please dont hesitate to get in touch if you need anything else!

Regards,  Offset Warehouse Team.


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