Can you recommend a UK manufacturer that does small productions

I am based in Bristol so anywhere within commuting distance- London included.I know about the Heba Women's project but would like to know about any factories are small sewing organisations that you have had experience with.


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eden sstudio in wimbledon is another one
the workshop
firstfruits in east london

prices tend to be 18-25 pound an hour

all the best
Hi Jaqueline,

I am sorry- I cant find the reply where you gave the address details for the small production units.I have the first fruitone.Please could you give me the others again.

I am having trouble finding the first two through google you know what directory they may be in or under?
Hello, sorry to hear you couldn't find us! Our website is Let me know via email to if you need sampling etc done and we'll meet up to discuss!



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