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N.J.Bond's Discussions

Multi functional Fabrics of plain, twill, Chambrays .

Started Mar 7, 2012 0 Replies

     Following is the multifuctional fabrics  natural dyed with herbs extracts and it is  dyed on organic cotton .5 Indian Basic hues are here  in some 17 items of weaves .Natural dyed has more depth…Continue

Water used in the Organic and Natural fibers like Cotton ,Flax ,Jute, Sisal,Nettle etc.

Started this discussion. Last reply by N.J.Bond Nov 29, 2010. 2 Replies

     Water used in the Organic and Natural fibers becomes a question only when farming is  organized farming level carried out. In the rain fed grown areas the water used for organic farming is  from…Continue

Ministry of Economy and Trade -Japan guidelines for Organic 'fibre only' Standardisation.

Started May 22, 2010 0 Replies

           It is good news to note that  Janpan Govt. has come forward with 'some' steps toward  objective evoluvation  for the 'Organic' products.         Since the fresh millanium started there…Continue

Tags: njbond, transindiaexports., indigo, welcome, denim

Why should not Genuine and totally organic goods in textiles be dull,drab,and subdued.

Started Apr 20, 2010 0 Replies

Live Processed Indigo on Organic Cotton.Dull and Sub-dued..  Chemical-Particuled Synthetic Indigo on Re-generated Bamboo Fibre.Shimmering  and exciting to eyes piercingly dramatic.            It is…Continue

Tags: forward, World, into, of, welcome.


N.J.Bond's Page

Profile Information

Profession / role:
Proprietor of a small Denim manufaturing unit&Owns an Agro Farm based Reaserch Lab for Organic-Cotton, pre Organic Cottons and wild trees-Cotton Dying on Natural Indigo and other Herbal-Dyes.
Company / organisation:
TRANS INDIA EXPORTS / A company with sound traditional roots &,culture to manufacture Natural Tannin based Indigo denim jeans and other natural colurs on natural fibers to achieve health-rich fabrics and garments .Uses creatively now ,its optimum capacity the place's and people's Cabablities.Adds quality in the rural poor's job. to recover there the real Economy .
Website (if you have one):
E.Mail :trans_india@hotmail.com
My primary role in relation to fashion is:
I am looking to discover or buy
We are looking for evolved and creative independent retailors on or off line for small or big volumes world best supply in most difficult line now .india@hotmail.com
About me / About business or organisation:
Born in a culturally well preserved rural Agro-Textile allied farming and Dye extracting family of Indigo crafts/ business.The environ I grew up was then started taking advantage of sciences tools to optimum use in rural India, but faith blended well with science.
The sale of Indigo dye against gold coins as payment brought the wealth and fame to the community we lived .

I was one among the 50 members of workers who were extracting Natural Indigo dyes from plants in a Indigo extracting Bio factory.

Our place has history , culture , tradition, and community value. Nature is plenty with great potential and unlimited opportunities to apply in human life.There are many specialists in the Indigo Craft working in and around factories located in and near our village. Geographically it is a bio valley for supply of natural Indigo plants based dyes extracted on old world enzyme fermenting method to Dutch and British east India company Traders, ever since early 19th century.
For me learning was all important on the magic cult oldest dyes extracting, during my early age.

Since our elders know not science they could not answer many of my questions I studied seriously science and art in the university and more science and art was learned out side the compounds while working with global interior decorators in designing goods truths were reveled to us by mother nature,who is our best teacher. Since 1976 to 85 we dyed natural dyes on imported New Zealand wool and made hand knotted wool pile carpets for export to retail giants like R.H.Macys' U.S.A. Worked as buying agents for Hand made wool pile carpets to U.S. Trader '85 to '95.

Great experience and expertise was obtained in dying Indigo dyes on Live Process it on old world method to dye Denim ropes for near by export units of Reputed Denim Jeans on cotton- 95 to 2000. I learned what is possible and what not possible in Denim Jeans for Big Factories. Big factories started using 1960 onwards Synthetic Indigo.This appeared us, at that young age Science is miracle. To learn this miracle I went to college and soon fund that is just trick.Some 17% of the global population is misapplying science for they were deluded souls put together in gangs to achieve material wealth a t any cost to whole of humanity!

Latter it took decades to learn this truth only in the village that Science blended with Faith is what worked .Faith stripped science is imbalanced ,sheer Evil . We call them now one eyed-science, a pirate that took away our peaceful and happy and wealthy rural life out of our hand .Organic and Natural dyed is Health Rich garments it is here we lost the health rich Globe. The another severe loss is, poor in rural villages lost quality in the job they were traditionally doing. We are trying to recover Health Rich Globe and Real economy. Available 'Urban Escapes' are only burden in rural skills. They were mostly Western Aping started building mouse traps and doing merry go around with out any respect or regard to our ancient people wisdom and their ways of life .Now after 12 years of 21st century started they are realizing that the Material Wold is not existing. We set up our Natural dying in the village.
Career history / Company history:
I studied seriously Science and Art in one of the oldest University in the World (1640), but it miserably failed to answer my quest for Indigo-Truth.
During '95 -2000 I have also learned in the ' all activities under one roof production system' what is possible for small units and what is not possible for small units in making Denim Jeans . How to make the rural poor women workers find work satisfaction in the work they love to do at home, was tough job for us . The motivation for serious learning by easy living , taking effortless effort to achieve results, was even tougher . In a decade time we did in the Bio -Factory many impossibles and a miracle surrounding around us was created by long years . Our creative potential was innate but only when we delibrerately learned to sharpen it , it came to our service and now practically used well. While we were doing our work perfect now the miracle happened . One fine day mother earth rewarded us the magical gift, it is a lesson how to live in fine tune with her, as she is plenty; and rewarded us with unlimited potentials .Man has much to receive and much more to learn how to receive from her.

Live Processing of Indigo dyes can give 'jeans' the 'life' , a quality , only mostly valued in Denims.It is achieved by live extracting of dye /herb of Indigo as well while Live processing along till it is live dyed in old world methods in a country vatting pot method . Anything else is only hollow promise and waste ,all companies are giving now . We finally fulfilled our mission and left the wastes to others . We can not blame them ,honestly it is not their mistake. Indigo is a clean Devil, in a way to ordinary ones , before she embrace you , she abrace you till you bleed , finally but loves those who revere and respect her, who are creative.
Our peer rural group took the matter of Denim Jeans very serious to easy living make ; and invented in course of time old world processing of Indigo which is said to hold promise for future. We prepared workers and the systems already in practice and adopted creatively all sources available and revitalized and re created so as to Spirit and faith blends well in Science and techs needed , cost-control was learned from Low cost tribal medicine textile making methods already very much alive till day.

100% chemical free manufacturing of Indigo Jeans is Magic Gift what mother earth rewarded . Here mother nature as co incident, produce her bests in organic food items to global markets many natural items such as Red Sandars, Mangos, Cashews ,Chillies similar to our Indigo Denim jeans in the very soil we live and work .

The 18 th and 19 th century denim jeans we find them authentically produced can be reproduced ,now.

All materials are sourced from inward of people skill, expertise geographical position we are located ,re use of infrastructures already in use in culture and tradition reduces our costs to great extent.Science and spirit here finally blends make them serve to optimally up lift self of ignorance to awareness of Higher Self.

Those who ever were in the natural Indigo denim making industry cannot escape from the above over all transformation ,for Indigo is not matter , it is Spirit .

Searching under neon -light the non existing TRUTH.!


 Mankind has gotton many things wrong  when the time was evil in space , energy , space and info . During second millennium  men committed extreems of sins and sharply that time ended with Guitor ended with Michael Jakson , Recyclic fashion  designs by Anna Paggi. The age of excess spending and investing on free market is dead .  Now all around the globe, investors are hesitating and thrifty , consumers are aware but have no knowledge  and courage to expriment with nature dyed. When chimpangis attack with knowledge of science and urban cocoon brought up  genuine budding designers are bankrupt and looking for death of the fashion industry .Conscious ones like YOHJI mamatore is trying to go back to basic Natural dyed on organic fibers . Unfortunate thing is that 1000 years non stop chemical brain wash transmuted the brain unfit to view and enjoy nature .

 Now many are searching for the truth , it is pitch dark  where they have to search for it . For example when nature dyed colors bleed bleeding Madras is famous for that  for nature will bleed initially to make it more beauty in all repeat washes.

Find us in face book pages  how denim jeans nature dyed  increases it beauty wash after wash . You have to find the truth in  pitch dark . Nature has plenty to give to mankind provided he knows how to take and what to take . Each object our ancestors had given us are  great potential and unlimited possiblities . But , nature does not reveals her secret  to all .You must be born in fidelity rich joint family of deep roots in culture and tradition . You must respect and revere  ancestor wisdom of nature living and acquiring wisdom . If science is knowledge spirit is wisdom . If mother love and care  is for necessity  of your birth on the earth  creativity is father  a support in experience and wisdom . Pure and balance and peace comes only when nature  direct learned . For all Urban jungle living people their past Karma is collective inherited sterio type existing necessity . IT KEEPS THE WISDOM OUT ALWAYS OUT OF REACH . Spiritual boundary is mans wedding ring  to get rid of the Maya , but women are with out it as systamatic destruction of institutions of family and social . WE HAVE CUT OUR OWN ROOTS .    Thus back to basic is tough. True fiber , real color is  not in recycled denims it is in natural dyed on organic cotton .No use search for truth in the bight light of science and rational. It is in pitch dark . Generate the  wisdom light with in  to see them alive and and is true.. Fake is decor . Old world out look is brought on new jeans and it is jeans !. Synthetic dead stuff is woven and it is crative designed . No one likes it designed is bankrupt as the Yohji says .

N.J.Bond's Blog


Posted on March 4, 2013 at 17:33 0 Comments

          During the 2nd millennium fag end  India faced  3.00 lakhs suicides in a  single decade time in cotton fields in just one district ! The Manufacture Evil in textiles has  crashed . Now one can see the awakening  in art and craft  of cotton and natural dying . Farmers now consider the  non GMO seeds and  non Hi-Brid seeds are gold in the time when the global economy is in down trend!

          More and more small operation comes to exist in 3…


Even after several millions of years Indigo , as textile-dying-craft is unfamiliar in the world !

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 19:21 1 Comment

    Indigo as many think is not a simple matter , in textile dying it is  a magic color giving a old dye in cult practices .Its sacredness is in simple words, it is it is spirit existing in all material shapes to all according to their perceptive mind .

    3% of the global population have understanding the whole of dye as such its healing power as herb and  wellness source to human body -spirit as a whole. Science we all know  deals only with parts of  part and…


Natural Dyed with out Mordants !

Posted on October 18, 2012 at 1:30 2 Comments

Natural dying has great depth of beauty  is well known.  In fact the gallexies visual impact example quoted    to natural non mordant or non chemical dying of fabrics is right .There is great depth to all natural dyed garments . They are just a living…


Herb powering Garments to heal human body Holistic !

Posted on July 5, 2012 at 9:30 0 Comments

     These traditional workers on Herbs are inevitable for  all natural ethnic color  dying cottage unit . They are in fact the literate of Green Age, for thy have come to make this process success only  by unlearning  man made laws, rules and scales  and learn and re learn  as it requires. Hence other  literate women or men are not able to do  in ethnic way processing .…


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At 11:17am on February 09, 2012, David gave N.J.Bond a gift
At 11:17 on February 9, 2012, David said…

Goodbye my friend, I'm outta here, you are the only star of this little seedy joint. The chemicals have reached my pea brain and I fear I should leave before I leak. I wish I could stay just to read more of your fantastic speeches, just one more drink. Ps look up about the real King Jesus and I'll see you in the next life for sure sure. Nevermind Cobain, he was a real shallow puddle. A Hug and Kiss, farewell. Look after the Nu Zealand page it's all yours, you deserve a good country, it's the least that I could do.

At 17:38 on December 21, 2010, Honey Malaolu said…

heya do you know a good company to use when sending products from india to the uk.

At 20:35 on December 16, 2010, Honey Malaolu said…

Hello i'm going to India next week wondering u can help me with suppliers,

At 4:18 on July 31, 2010, Anja Claire Crabb said…
HI, sorry for the late response... i'm intrested in you contacts to eco buttons in Indonesia. Please tell me more! :)

At 15:11 on July 26, 2010, Jeyanthi Kalairajah said…
Thanks for your message. I apologise for the delay in replying. I haven't as yet started selling any products and at the moment I am not looking for jeans. I am concentrating on tops. I will keep your product in mind for future. Thank you!
At 22:38 on June 15, 2010, Awamaki Lab said…
Incredible fabrics, inspiring story!

Would you be interested in partnering with our fair-trade fashion initiative in Peru, which helps rural Quechua weavers reach new consumer demographics and secure a reliable source of income in a modernizing economy?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Awamaki Lab team
At 8:33 on May 10, 2010, Augustus Vranken said…
At 3:57pm on May 4, 2010, N.J.Bond said… I own a small denim making company. look for new market entry.
will be intrested in your market .my web www.transindiaexports.net
Request Sent!

I would be very interested in your product. I visisted your page and read about your belief in your product can how you apply spirituallity to it. You can leave me your email address on my blog so I can contact you with an application. I will start by creating a page for you so my vieers can see. I then creat advertisment and market you page on many other fahion networks. gusmageufastyle.wordpress.com
At 5:50 on May 3, 2010, Udaya Bikram Thapa said…
Thank you for that. Definitely will come and visit when I travel. Will let you know. Just to let you know that whatever anyone else thinks, I think you are doing a great job for the planet . Take care
At 5:14 on May 2, 2010, Udaya Bikram Thapa said…
Love the work that you are doing. Would like to visit you sometime and share what we do. I work mostly with hemp, nettle and can send you nettle fibre and hemp fibre if you want to turn those into denims like the one that you are doing. Send me details so I can visit you. I will in in and around Bangalore so I think can visit. Take care.

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