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At 9:08pm on August 03, 2011, Alma Erzhanova gave Miss Charlie Lamb a gift
At 21:07 on August 3, 2011, Alma Erzhanova said…


Dear Miss Charlie!

I would very much appreciate your help. I am studying for an MA in Marketing at Kingston Business School under the supervision of Professor Robert East. We are conducting research about Fairtrade goods and ethical fashion clothes, and ask you to complete the enclosed short questionnaire. 
I am also offering a £50 shopping gift voucher to the lucky prize draw winner!!!!

Could you please complete this questionnaire, following the link

Thank you very much for your help.
Yours sincerely,

Alma Erzhanova

At 9:54 on June 29, 2011, NAVEEN NEGI said…

Namaste Charlie,

thanks for appreciating ...there is more to follow.

sunshine n happiness,

At 10:38 on May 8, 2010, Praveen Varshnei said…

Let us introduce ourselves as an Indian company specializing in 100% Eco friendly handmade Green line Buttons,Toggals,Novelty Items,Handicrafts ,Bags Handles and costume jewelery.Our inspectors check every lot of buttons,handicrafts,gifts and costume jewelery ,buttons are made confirming to social accountability norms.
We do not use child labor.We maintain the quality in buttons, the quality in shipping,and the quality in communication and in all other aspects. Rest assured - you get THE BEST of the finest handmade buttons from India.Buffalo horn,bone,wooden,coconut shell,bamboo etc
Buttons are meant for mens and womens wear. We have catered almost all segments of garment right from just born babies to hi-fashion mens and womens garments ,we have all the infrastructure to cater your needs, we have dedicated staffs with in-depth knowledge of the Buttons business involving themselves right from raw material collection, making ,polishing and shipping.
Product:Clothing Buttons , costume jewelery
Specification: Handmade by Artisans and all are green eco-friendly organic products
Material:Buffalo Horn,Cow Horn,Bone,Wood,coconut shell,Bamboo,Resin,Recycled Plastic etc
Size: 12mm on wards
Production:50000 pieces per month
MOQ:200 pieces
Lead-time: 15 Days
Delivery: Fob N.Delhi
Payment:Advance through Bank Wire ,Western Union
Samples: Available
We offer buttons from US $ 00.08 per piece as opening price point. and the price are much more competitive anywhere else.
Each piece is unique and may vary in shape and look due to natural variations in the horn.
Besides updating our designs regularly, we also have the complete capability of making items in special designs as per your requirements.
Hope to have an opportunity to work with you.
Thanking you in the mean time.
Praveen Varshnei
Email: p_varshnei@yahoo.co.in
web: www.buttonsnatural.zoomshare.com
Linkedin: http://in.linkedin.com/in/prashanthandicrafts
Skype: buttonsnatural
At 11:21 on April 19, 2010, Eden Studio said…
Hi Charlie! Great, drop me an email on info@edenstudiolondon.com for any queries on pattern making, sampling and production. We are based in South Wimbledon with excellent public transport connections.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

At 12:25 on April 18, 2010, jacqueline said…
hey Charlie
its such a small world...its Tayo right! i have known her for a while now and she actually contacted me about it! funny that .. everyone knows everyone in this game im persuaded!
At 12:05 on April 17, 2010, emma mcginn said…
Hi Charlie, Thanks for the response and your comments on my work are really kind and encouraging! I have looking into Marni but you are right they do not have studios in London.
Working with end of roll and recycled fabrics I find the designs evolve and I enjoy exploring contrasting textures as well as layering and print, it is a very visual process.

I have volunteered for EJF in the past with their fundraising, I think organic cotton is so important for the future of textiles. I have travelled to india and want to go back and explore community based projects and co-operatives. I am also interested in similar social enterprise projects in the UK and want to look into this for my production as I will at some point need help with this (although not there yet).
It would be great to chat further there is too much to say in an email. You have worked with some amazing designers too, wow!
You seem to have a very clear direction and determination to get your label off the ground. How far have you got with this and what are you concentrating on at the moment?
I am planning to attend the eff event at the pop up shop in carnaby, I see you are attending too perhaps we can continue our discussion there and see how we could work together. xx
At 8:23 on April 5, 2010, LittlePurpleDot EthicalDirectory said…
Thanks Charlie. Really glad you like the website. Roz
At 11:56 on April 4, 2010, N.J.Bond said…
Hi Charlie Lamp ,

You think we can be of some supply of green goods . I have a person in Glaxo studying bio- sciencec he can explain in person any detail on our capacity to work out business deals.

I have written my second text in the profile ,can you please point out any correction, I await your comments look for busness if any for yur project .
At 6:54 on April 1, 2010, N.J.Bond said…
Hi Miss Charlie Lamb ,

Since English is forign to me please look at the forest , you sort of people born and brought up in London can not compare us in languge . Nature is imperfect will you blame it , so do not us . We see content not flow and style .We are simple and natural like our products style is classic and straight leg .

Now I have to sell what is produced ,I have to feed the people who travelled with my voyage all these years and commercialize . I f I do not sell what is produced leads to my irresponsiblity.
I produced as per her design sketches in 70s to one Miss Susam Black of Boston .It takes you to Mystique level more easily than decent money cration. By doing business well a good Ethical Fashion business you still need to make money is our driving force .

So you have duty to correct our english and find market too. Aslo , please take this humourous way, Britishers ruled 200 years and abruptly left us in the midnight , we are still in dark, our villages income was taken away when Synthetic Indigo ( It is drug =poison=nuropsychic affets chemically brain cells 39 new diseases or metal kind in 50 years , if we do not stop this chemical nano particulue Low Impact and Eco Friendly dyes in garments we wear another 390 will arrive in a decade) was invented by EUROPEAN SCIENTISTS . Now you can rectify the mistake. Poor in our village are now rich but unforunate many diseases un known attack them . Nanoparticuled synthetic cloths brings more disease to them now . Money to sell natural goods is important . Flow in English is next and you are in Ethical and fashion cloths designing , we are by your web page design .YOUR STYLE IS SIMPLE .

Symple style is not lack of imagination as many think. It comes to one after a lots of earth dug , like gold . DOES GOLD COME EASY.

Academics will not approve. But we do.It is creative. Our business isn important now.
At 15:53 on March 31, 2010, N.J.Bond said…
Sorry, Miss Charlie Lamp two mistakes this time too. Find out any more, next time I will send better mail there is preview and correction possible.
At 15:49 on March 31, 2010, N.J.Bond said…
Sorry for spelling mistakes. English is only second language thanks for your suggestion,I will try my best . I am in a jungle ,the tribes around me only speak verbs so my english also got strange while trying to talk to communicate woth some one not even met , only in net.

The colours you are seeing is the same your ancestors in U.K. would have in 18 th and 19 th century seen. In fact the Bio-valley for Indigo was developed once during their Raj in India.

With great struggle I revived in my place. How can you use my sourcce to create , you are welcome. The design was done in memory of one of our Mystique artist in the Bio Valley. And this is the firt piece in 12 Oz,Denim done in 1999. Tribal hand embroydery. You think / have idea to embroyedry. I would like to use in future.
At 17:03 on March 30, 2010, Helene Manca said…
Hey Charlie,

Thanks a lot for your messages. Sure, I just want to be able to help.

Speak soon,

At 16:05 on March 30, 2010, Helene Manca said…
Hello there,

If my look is suitable for you and if you need models, don't hesitate to let me know.


At 16:29 on March 28, 2010, jacqueline said…
hey Charlie
funny you mentioned them as i believe the founders came to my church in east london in 2009....im sure it was them as the name was very very familiar
great organisation
At 10:16 on March 27, 2010, jacqueline said…
great to hear that Charlie!
glad to be friends!
put your findings and comments on the africa group too
and if interested join my group called the book club ... lots of learning there too
At 22:26 on March 26, 2010, Jane A. Nelson said…
Well, Miss Charlie, you write so well, you could add that to your resumé!

When I was a younger thing, I lived on Hogarth Road in Earl`s Court . . known then as Kangaroo Lane (lots of Aussies) and worked at Jaeger`s, manning the old elevator. Hmmm, that was a time!

I love your web - it`s so spunky with great designs!! Are they made of natural fabric?
You might want to look into biznik.com - it`s a dominant niche site, where you can do biz out in the open.

We`ll keep in touch . . .

Warm thoughts,
At 10:39 on March 19, 2010, Jane A. Nelson said…
Hello Miss Charlie,
Want to welcome you to Ethical Fashion . . I've seen Kiss Me Kate & love the music! Familiar, too as my parents saw it in NYC in the 50s with - hmm, now I forget - Ethel Merman?
Here's to an interesting time here!
Best rgds.,

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