The DORCAS DRESS PROJECT are seeking potential INVESTORS

We are hunting out interested parties and retailers who would like to invest in our dress project.  Investors will contribute £250 or more and are likely to receive a 5% return.  

Our project brief has been designed to:

- use heritage rich fabrics, yet not need trimmings that require importing, honouring local people (and enabling access to the project to all), reducing carbon miles and challenging the need for fashion trends and consumerism.

- use simple machinery (e.g. hand powered straight-stitch machines) honouring simple supply chain set ups

have one size of dress, that will fit all women, to reduce the need for large stock volumes, which make setting up a business prohibitive to people on low incomes. It also simplifies manufacturing processes, reduces the likelihood of errors, dead stock and therefore cost and waste. This also has huge benefits with selling the product online and enables retailers to act as agents for other peoples' stock, growing relationships and fostering partnership with different boutiques and buyers, not competition.

- have a financial renumeration system that honours everyone involved, as well as providing generously for the poor, by setting a western retail price that allows for western makers to make, yet allowing generosity when being made in poorer rural regions.

- have a sustainable business model that respects appropriate secular profit margins so the product can be a prophetic statement to the global fashion industry.  

- allow for skills training through visuals and training aids, without the need for text which crosses language barriers and training that demonstrates investment in others’.

engage women as equals, from all over the world, as a means of building a family network.

create a spiritual network, planting Father God at the heart of production and seeing His fruit from it.

tell the story behind the dress and how the product embodies the Creation Mandate.

Each £250 investment will be used to produce 5 dresses. We are looking for 20 investors so a production run can be financed.

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