Sold Native American Wolf Clan/Cherokee Bandolier Bag

I sold this bag that my Model is wearing, This bag is a Traditional Native American Bandolier Bag. The Cherokee use to make these bags before the "Trail of Tears", after that they did not make these bags any more. I am part of the Cherokee beaders who are keeping this tradition alive. I make one of these bags once a year, unless I get a custom order. You can read more about these bags on my website A. Martin & Co, under the RainDancer Collection tab. The Native Moon Collection 2009.

I currently decided to make "Eco-Elite" modern bags and fashion accessories, with both the Native American ethnic flar, and modern style.
I am changing my thinking on buying wool from a regular fabric store for my Native American bags. Instead of buying the fabric. This year I am looking to upcycling wool from other sources and turning them into works of art.

I am a Registered Cherokee tribal member of the Cherokee Nation. I do have a mixed heritage of Irish,English,Swede,and German. My family heritage my Grandmothers made quilts for their family. Sewing and designing is something I enjoy the most.
I am currently working on my RainDancer Collection for 2010 Fall/Winter. Plus I attend online college at the University of Phoenix.

To learn more about my work please go to the AAA Native Arts Gallery online. They explain the Bandolier Bags better than any gallery I had my work in.

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