I would like to introduce you all to social business fashion brand MAMMU.

Who we are?

We are more than just a fashion brand. MAMMU is a movement. It all started with a need to overcome poverty. There are so many lonely, poor, in need mothers who can't work full working hours because they have a small children to take care of. We give them an opportunity to earn money staying at home. 

What do we do?

Together with the fashion designers we create designs for scarves. We teach mothers how to make them and give them all the needed materials. Mothers can make the scarves at home when they have free time. When the scarves are ready we buy them from mothers and sell the scarves to fashion shops, companies, people.

All the money that we earn on selling scarves we reinvest in company to grow.

You can join MAMMU movement

Spread information about MAMMU;

Suggest fashion shops whom we could offer scarves for sale;

We are open to all new ideas.



e-mail: info@mammu.lv

Tel.: +371 67221320


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