Sign the petition to make all fashion retailers pay their garment workers fairly!

Hello everyone,

I have been writing a dissertation on the ethics of fashion, and I got so upset about the whole thing that I decided that I should start a petition, as its easy to feel like not enough is being done when you read countless books and watch countless documentaries on how the fashion industry seems to be like a merciless greedy monster that consumes people and spits out poisonous waste.

I thought that this being the place of like-minded friendly people that everyone is more likely to get involved, and help me spread the message further, and for that I will thank you all in advance! We are all passionate people and together I think we can make something positive happen!

I thought, through surveying people, that the general consensus is that the public would prefer it if the fashion retailers did pay their garment workers more, or took more responsibility, rather than just saying 'oh, its up to the factories to pay them'. So I thought that some laws needed to change, some more regulations, some new rules for the new world we are trying to create.

The government website only gives you a small amount of words to explain the reason why you want people to sign your petition, so I had to make it brief. I would be honoured if all you lovely people signed it, and possibly shared it too?

Here is the link:

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