Photo by Jeff Morris

Ecologique Fashion is launching photo éco, a site dedicated to documenting ethical street fashion from around the world.


What exactly constitutes as ethical fashion, you ask?

Ethical : Fashion that contributes to environmentalism and social responsibility.

Sustainable : Fashion that is typically concerned with harmonizing economic, environmental and social aspects in the production of their pieces.

Eco-friendly : Fashion that inflicts minimal to no harm on the environment. These goods usually contain no animal products.

Organic : Fashion produced with non-synthetic materials that are grown without the use of chemicals, such a pesticides etc.

Recycled and Reconstructed : Fashion that makes something old something new again. Typically recycled clothing is of thrift shop or vintage origin. Designers take these once used pieces, and reconstruct them to create beautiful, new works of art.


For photo consideration, please send your submission to andrea[at]

Submissions must include the following credits:

-Name of Photo
-Age (optional)
-Description of eco-fashion pieces (designer/store/material/etc.)
-Your website (optional)
-Photographer (with permission)

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