Nina Bloom talks about the Challenges and the Experiences of her Up-Cycled Business.

Fellowship 500 member Nina Bloom is dedicated to creating extraordinary fashion and accessories from recycled materials. Her products find compelling original uses for one of the largest components of global landfill, namely advertising and marketing waste.

The business arose in 2007 from a challenge posed to South African school children to find commercial applications for commonly discarded consumer recyclables. Nina came up with a way to up-cycle used vinyl fabric for student lunch bags. In 2009, as she expanded into other consumer goods, notably women’s fashion, she found an enthusiastic market reception and began to focus on vinyl billboards. Since the 2010 World Cup the business has been consulting with corporate clients to find Up-Cycled solutions for large-scale marketing events. In addition to South Africa, Nina Bloom has sold at Harvey Nichols, Chelsea Arts Fair and the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Nina Bloom takes what would normally end up in landfill and give it not just a second life but a higher calling. When by-products or refuse are transformed into something more valuable than the original item they constituted or supported they have been Up-Cycled. The experience has showed me that unique, beautifully crafted items from South Africa have their place in global fashion. Fashion lovers who want to enjoy imaginatively crafted items, but without draining the environment in the process are faced with a challenge which we hope to eliminate - a powerful proposition for “thinking” consumers who shop consciously.

Destiny Connect interview Nina Bloom to see how she and her business are doing through these challenging economic times.

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