its 5 days to go!! we need your votes!!

hello everyone

we are so excited to announce that Junky Syling are now shortlisted for BA's Great Britons Competition!!!
so now we need your help.
we would like to ask you to spend bit of time to vote for us.

its simple - just to go to this link
to vote for us!!!
it take only 2 minuets i promise!

here is a bit of background information about the British Airways great Britons Competition...

BA is holding this competition to help talented British people promote their UK based skills throughout the world, as part of the pending 2012 London Olympics.
please go to the link to read more

what junky wants to do if we win!
we would show the big apple what London style is all about!!! Where the real heart and soul of proper English style and creativity comes from..the many generations of beautiful suiting fabrics and Harris Tweeds all combined with the unique and original designs of Junky Styling that make us an absolute necessary addition to the the vibrant streets of New York City!!!
Junky Styling would attract attention for the English Eccentric themed collections and at the same time show how accessible and polished ethically produced, recycled garments can be in terms of price and variety of stock. We would set up meetings with buyers from Barneys,Macys,Saks Fifth Avenue,and Bergdorf Goodman,and try and arrange in store promotions, trunk shows and live Wardrobe Surgery events to keep things fresh.
As well as show our range to boutiques on the Lower East Side, and in the West Village... Building bridges with the boutiques that have a similar high rapport to their customers that we have.We would check out the thrift shops and different outlets as a source of searching for materials, and look to catch up with other American brands that recycle like we do.
We already have made contact with the Design school Parsons, so would certainly hold recycling workshops there, and staying inspired, we would like to perform wardrobe surgery on the classic British Airways uniforms from the past and present to illustrate our design talents in celebration of their new flightpath from London City airport to NY

so please vote for us!

voting deadline is on 28th July 2009!!

We need as many as we can................Thank you sooo much xxxxxx

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