Today glass jewellery is becoming favorite among young women. It is durable and long lasting. These costume glass jewellery are manufactured from different type of colour glasses. Glass jewellery has enchanting designs thus it is highly in demand. Apart from bangles, glass jewellery also incorporates pendants, rings, beads that are used in anklets and other jewellery. Glass jewellery is often made of glass beads, glass pieces and fused glass.

In women’s fashion jewellery glass beads are in fashion. Murano glass is very famous due to its finely crafted designs by Italian artisans. It has charming designs in contemporary style. Some stunning earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even anklets are made from glass beads.


In different ways glass jewellery can be formed. Each technique forms of jewellery distinctly different look in bracelets, necklace and earrings. Millefiori and lampworking are techniques that are still used in fashionable jewellery. Millefiori and lampwork glass jewellery are often called murano. These are old glass jewellery technique of Italian city.

In glass beading type jewellery lampwork beads are popular. Heating rods and applying melted glass to them is the lampwork technique. Different patterns and textures can be created. Glass is melted by a torch and hand tools are applied to form the melted material into different layer..........Read More



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