We are starting a new sustainable brand where we aim to plant a tree for every piece sold. The first plantation is to create an elephant corridor.

By planting trees we aim to create a forest corridor that will enable Elephants and other animals, to move safely between protected areas, avoiding human-wildlife conflict and protecting continuous critical wildlife habitat.

The trees would provide a substantial oxygen supply and can have an incredible impact on the ecosystems of this planet we live in; an impact that does not simply end once the trees have been planted these trees will benefit the planet and its creatures for centuries to come. The numerous social and environmental benefits of each tree planted will likely outlast any of our product sold.

We not only plant the trees we monitor them to guarantee that trees survive. Our clients would be able to monitor the tree plantations and the elephant migration on our Facebook page and website.

We welcome anyone who is interested in being a part of this project and can contribute in anyway. 

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