Girl About Town - Cottoning on to concerns

With the growing awareness of sustainability and ethical fashion, people are more and more concerned whether retailers are sourcing their materials responsibly and whether they ensure that workers rights are being upheld.
With the recent accusations against Primark using sweat shop labour here in the UK, despite being a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, the trust between consumers and retailers is at an all time low.
If you're fed up of feeling powerless to change this situation, the Environmental Justice Foundation offers the opportunity of opening up a dialogue with some major high street retailers, including H&M, Monsoon and Topshop. By sending an email straight to the top, you can demand to know that they are committed to ethics and the environment! If retailers are constantly questioned by us, the consumer, they will be forced to take responsibility. So take action!
Follow the link to the EJF website, and send a letter through them.

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