GIANNI VERSACE CALENDAR 2013 an ethical dress by Franco Francesca

On the 7th January  at the Palazzo San Giorgio " “Salone dei Lampadari “in Reggio Calabria was presented the  Calendar 2013 of the Regional Chamber of Fashion Calabria-Dedicated to "GIANNI VERSACE".

"Reggio Calabria is the kingdom where I began the story of my life: the tailoring of my mother, the haute couture boutique. The place where, as a child, I began to appreciate the Iliad, the Odyssey, the Aeneid, where I began to breathe the art of Magna Grecia. "Gianni Versace

For the cover of March it has been selected the sinuous draping of the dress  by eco-designer Francesca Franco, evoking images of the clothing of Magna Graecia such as    the Chitone , the Himation  and the  Clamide. 

Through the study of drapery Franco Francesca wanted to pay tribute to Gianni Versace style, and in collaboration with her sister  Imma Francesca (seamstress) has created the gown at its eco-friendly workshop in  Benevento-Italy!

Francesca Franco has always been very close to the taste Versace  especially when the he creates  evening dresses in particular using draping and cutting on the bias!

The choice it has been one of  the dresses of  "The Greek Myth"  collection by Franco Francesca  in Emerald Green Color, a shade of green very bright and shiny, with a background of blue to represent the Mare Nostrum (The Mediterranean Sea)

 This Color  has often been  used by Gianni Versace too ! But for  Francesca Franco it  has been its unique color to represent the Green Fashion  for being the first eco-designer in the world to create high fashion with recycled and eco-friendly fabrics!

In addition, the Emerald Green Color was elected the color 2013 and then again Franco Francesca is able to anticipate trends and tastes just like the great Gianni Versace.

The photographic  reportage of the event  in Reggio Calabria was followed by the great photographer Giovanni Di Dio

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