Do’s and Don’ts of Buying an Engagement Ring

During the wedding, couples are equally involved in taking the decisions and making the arrangements. One thing in which a lady is ousted (mostly!) is the shopping of her engagement ring. Men think of giving wonderful surprises to their significant other. Do they appreciably get success in doing so? The answer to this question lies greatly on the tactics they used while buying the engagement ring for their loving lady. Below listed are few do’s and don’ts that every man should keep in mind while buying an engagement ring.


Decide your budget in advance

Whenever you go to a jewellery store the first question that is being asked from you is about the budget. Instead of thinking at that point, wasting yours as well as their times, try to figure it out in advance. Do as much of saving as possible so that you do not have to cut down your budget or hardly make both ends meet after buying an extravagant engagement ring.

Plenty of research before going out for shopping

With the blessing of internet you can now retrieve almost any kind of information while sitting back at home. Explore all your options thoroughly. Study the pros and cons of the design, metal and gemstone you want to go with. After collecting adequate and appropriate knowledge about the rings go ahead for shopping.

Think about the lifestyle

When you have made your mind to buy an engagement ring for your girl just think about her lifestyle. A magnificent big rock might hinder her everyday life. Pick a ring that not only compliments her personality but also her lifestyle.


Buy the first ring you saw

Don’t fall for the first ring you see in the store. Your heart may get stuck to that single ring but try to explore some other options too. Make sure you “purchase” your ring instead of the store “selling” it to you. Buy a ring on your own terms and conditions. Compare the rates as well as the designs from the various other jewellery stores then go forth and pick the ring for the girl of your dream.

Hesitate to ask help from her friends

Remember one thing, girls are known for their ability to share. They can’t hold back things to themselves. Girls usually say what they undergo and feel better. This quality may be serendipity for you. As she might have told her friends about the type of ring she dreams about. Just take their help and avoid going on shopping alone.

Thus above mentioned are few ways to buy a perfect ring for your loved one. Don’t be nervous or tensed while proposing her. Go with a flow and enjoy the moment you are spending together.

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