Current concerns with the Kimberley Process

It is a worrying time for the Kimberley Process.  Many of us in the jewellery industry are baffled that Marange diamonds are available for export.

Simon has written a great blog about the current situation with the Kimberley Process explaining it all which is well worth a read.

I know our own diamonds cannot come from that region which at least means that I can continue to be confident about the fact that our diamonds are conflict free.

It is certainly true that the Kimberley process has a big and alarming hole in it at the moment.  However, I would say that a bucket with a hole is worth repairing and it certainly shoudln't be thrown away.  we need need to continue to use it in the meantime as it is working for most diamonds most of the time.  However we all wait with great concern for this huge hole to be fixed.

One thing that is much on my mind is that I have heard through the grapevine that some large manufacturers in China are buying up large quantities of small diamonds from thie Marange region (as they are about 10% cheaper than other diamonds).  I know that many of our UK jewellers buy most of their jewellery that they sell ready-made from the Far East which surely must contain similar diamonds...and these are stocked in many UK high street this worries me a lot.  I do hope that other British jewellers can also make sure these diamonds are directly and indirectly eliminated from their supply chains.


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Comment by Ethical Fashion Forum on December 12, 2011 at 12:04

Hi Harriet, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this with the Network! Please keep us informed of any developments. Best wishes, Georgie 

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