Consume Until You're Consumed

'Consumed' aims to make people question their spending habits, and think about whether they need all the luxuries they
indulge in. The aim of the campaign is to question our society and the messages that are put out to us.

At the beginning of the year 'Consumed' targeted three Primark stores in the UK to help raise awareness of the fast fashion fad that consumers in the UK are currently obsessed with. Oxford Street in London, Market Street in Manchester and High Street in Sheffield were all hit with undercover campaigners who subtly placed 5 organic, fair trade, cotton t-shirts (costing £8 to make) in each of the respective stores. Originally costing £30, each £3 "Primark t-shirt" was designed with Russian Soviet inspired graphic art to emphasise the under lying issues of fast, cheap, consumer fashion. All the t-shirts contained a label with the blog address of the Consumed Campaign and email address, so that if anyone bought a t-shirt they would be able to inform themselves of the cause.

The objective of the campaign is to emphasis how consumers are not even aware of what they are purchasing, they simply see the cheap price tag and are being pushed the message of consumerism. The aim is to make people question their spending habits, and to think about whether they need all of the luxuries they indulge in.

The three t-shirts that were placed in 3 Primark stores

The era of mass production and overconsumption has taken over a large percentage of the world. The every-day-person no longer has much love or appreciation towards clothing, design, and style. It seems that consuming compulsion takes over, and leads to bursting wardrobes full of low quality, short-lived, invaluable products. 

Read the whole story from Urban Times.

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