BEECHIC the Ethical Italian Brand 100% organic cotton

In March 2013, a new brand was born: BEE CHIC. It has a strong artistic personality and a clearly defined communication message, in which the passion for... fashion, communication and art have been merged and have been the life-motives, i.e. the elements we was motivated to try. In our productions we try to express the passion and the will to change the world .
The brand was born from the desire to realize the idea of a Fashion-T-Shirt-Collection which expresses a strong positive message through the images.
We have wanted to create something Special, something that had not seen yet, a unusual T-shirts, not using images downloaded from the internet and edited on a computer, but we have wanted to implement them as a work of Art. And so, day after day, the idea takes shape.
Our guide-lines? Materials research; Choosing the right partners; Creation of the logo; definition of the
subjects; last not least... the philosophy which surround the creation-process. These are the key issues for our success! "Everything we do, is for challenging the status-quo, we believe in a different way of thinking, unconventional areas of a society that we can and we want to change."
BEE CHIC is an Italian brand that is inspired by music and cinema legends, for the first collection
"CRAZYLAND" , which we have revised them in Vintage Pop Art.
To realize the idea of the first graphic collection "CRAZYLAND", BEECHIC took advantage of the Maddalena Carrai's collaboration: she is a Graphic Art Designer already known for having among the various collaborations, such as Mitch Winehouse (Emy Winehouse's father), such as the Haus of Gaga (the international creative Factory of Pop singer Lady Gaga).
we are searching for agents worldwide.

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