Natural Dyed on Organic Cotton Plain and some Special Weaves .

      Natural Dyed on Organic Cotton & Silk, has some special depth to the color when it is natural dyed in ethnic settings . Since India lives in many Eras and Centuries it has 5,000 years and 2,000 years old traditions in process going on till day. Their science of those days tell  the human body is not solid it is a Process. It is  possible for us to ethnic process the fabrics that fits exact  and heals it top to bottom in many diamensions , and we now make the garments on custom orders. They can be Delivered in days on logistic service to Global Village to those who are eco-serious,color-sensitive and innate-creative designers who are looking for the  Organic Era produces and material  to start afresh a trend with ever fresh fabrics especially in cotton may contact us .Try our fabrics find experience as   evidence that Science is made to serve Spirit, in perfect harmony one with other,and the  two diametrically opposites  blend into one and other interdependently  to a state of samadi .

      To start with we wish to offer plain hand loom woven , chambrays,twill in light weights. Below is the plains ,twill and chambrays .

and in 45 inch width .The are made on Indian 5 popular ethnic hues that were made some  hi-fashion 250 years ago . One meter or 1000 meters available. 3% chemical added . No toxic chemical  or Lycra sort metal  chemical.Since A-Z all are hand made and hand loom woven no certificates available .

 Our customers till day in 100s from around in a dozen nations took the risk and find them useful and are repeating orders . They are all rooted in some well preserved traditions and evolved and eco conscious and innate creative .

Below is the Twill light weight .

E.mail for more details ;

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Natural dyed on Organic cotton  uses no chemical binder . Natural binder is tannin , organic soap is used for washing, when it comes to bleaching  gray to white it is treated under sun light heat with  other natural materials. All natural dyed cotton material  protect human skin from Sun Light's  Ultra Violet rays ; and the radiation from your pocket cell phones. They collectively  function in nano herb capsules  while one is breathing, each is a stormin the body planet ;  it travels inside your respiratory canals and its effects passes into vascular canal  all over the body to detox and purify the blood. Of all the dozen herbs Indigo is the Life Saviour to all cow boys in 18 th century in U.S. DEEP INDIGO NATURAL DYED DENIM JEANS  is the  grand father for all fashion garments  that is going steady even after 2nd millennium.

Indigo is a Spirit, comes from nothing, from nothing into this material-dream-world ; and out of nothing , to only made to serve human process as Material. Blended with henna is the life generator  to make the permanent human hair dye. The super brain yoga  with hair dye and organic cotton natural dyed denim Indigo jeans  is said to stop all man kind think and stop the  100% miss application of science in this globe . People will get freed from the illusion with in the boundary of Indigo spirit in team all global issues were solved in the past .

Indigo dyed is not medicine care , health care ,  but wellness care at holistic level. It is a system that can treat the body-soul systamic way , likely to revolutionize the medicine science now . 


Man kind  is currently using the synthesized cheap petro chemical Indigo  that is poisoning the whole world in denim industry up to 85,000 metric tons per annum.Have we to still continue using that poison  and blend with that the Lycra and titanium particules .Technology products more and more sophisticated more danger to humans  more expensive , more polluting , impossible to produce in cottages .More and more small operation and cottage produced the product is customized , exclusivity in built , job crating in poor villages  who can employ the creativity giving it to a central-roll position .

       During 2nd millennium  the Time, Space, Energy and information were evil  in nexus working one with other;  and , its climax scene was during 1975 to 2000. This quarter century was extrem evil in kind of time,  all man-kind all the time passed lived and enjoyed . Intensive and exuberant  was women and they expressed  in colors . The textile colors became celebrities  need and necessity based and introduced all sorts of evil colors from chemicals.  Big corporates imitated and  limited editions was the way to produce art pieces. Thus creativity in animation entered and make the superficial creativism , and isms appeared. Now we have produced true color and real fibers and bring it to designers attention .

      In small operation custom produce  creativity is given central roll; exclusivity is inbuilt in to process of the produce ; price is lesser than the premium production of chemical kinds ; fits on line logistic service , values are right and integrated  into produce and the fabrics are bio shields for Bio sheaths  cleaning and nourishing . Un like chemical produced  it is  inward nature exploited minimum objects . 


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