Tutors, What do you think about an educational resource Tool - Developing India, Ethical and Organic Clothing


Im a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins and Im super keen to see what kind of programmes or events your place of work offers regarding, Ethical, Organic and Sustainable Issues?

I am going to India, to learn and find out more about Ethical Factories and Organic Cotton Farmers, and all those involved. I will be writting a once/twice weekley blog about it also. As an informative and understandable resource tool.

What do you feel is lacking in the education system today regarding the teaching of Sustainable Development, Ethical, Organic and Sustainable Issues?

After India, I intend to do lectures and information pack about my experiences to share my knowledge and show students that any desire to help out in the future can be satisfied! What other methods do you think could help to educate children and teenagers about these issues?

Thanks For Your Time


IWhat do you think

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Hi Sarah,

I'm afraid I'm not a tutor or even a fashion student, but am an Indophile.

'm sure India is chock full of organic and/or ethical clothing and fabric producers. I came across these two when I was in India last year: http://www.rehwasociety.org/ (based in Maheshwar, but they do have a little fabric showroom in Defence Colony, New Delhi). Not organic but they produce some lovely cotton fabrics (generally sold either as saris or "suit lengths" to make a salwar-kameez, with a matching dupatta) as well as scarves and shawls.

Dasktkar Ranthambhore (women's crafts co-operative, based just outside the Ranthambhore National Park). I had a serious splurge in their shop. http://www.dastkar.org/ranthamborep.htm. They had some particularly nice silk scarves, as well as block print and tie dye clothes and bags. I don't recall them selling just fabric to make up into other items.

Both might be a bit "ethnicky" if you're looking for fabrics to make up into high fashion western clothes.

Finally, have you looked at the web forum IndiaMike (www.indiamike.com)? If you want' to pick people's brains about travel/business in India, it's a really useful resource
Hi Sarah!

I graduated from NIFT, Mumbai last year. Its the premium most fashion design institute in India. We have 'craft documentation' projects every year, wherein we goto remote handcraft and handloom manufacture units all across India to research and document their processes. You can refer to these documents from the College Library. You need to seek special permission from the authorities to do so. Wat dates will you be coming? If u happen to be in Mumbai before September, i'll be happy to help you.


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