Dhana EcoKids interested in Retailers looking to carry our Spring/Summer Chidlrenswear 4-12 years

Hello Retailers

We're thrilled to be part of EFF, a Founding Partner and top 3 companies in the world for the SOURCE Award pioneering Ethical and Sustainable Fashion for Chidrenswear.

The Dhana EcoKids Team would love to hear from retailers looking to carry our new Spring/Summer 2013 collection now in stock and ready for shipment worldwide today. We were featured on the SOURCE Brand Preview and have a Nature Inspired collection for both boys and girls - great for the outdoors, hip, fashionable and with that pizzazz. Please kindly send me an email Shamini@DhanaEcoKids.com or contact me at this forum if you are interested in a catalogue. Love to hear from you!

Here's to Wearin' the World!

Shamini Dhana

Founder and CEO, Dhana EcoKids



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