Hi, I am trying to find the name of a clothes recycling company, I know they have a warehouse on the outskirts of London but can't remember or find the name of them. If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful.
In a similar vain if anyone is aware of any other ways I can source recycleable fabric I would be interested to hear.
I am a final year sudent using recycled fabrics for my collection.
Thanks very much

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LMB-theyre amazing!! based in west ham. See the link below...

Ask for Cathy....make sure you drive or take a big suitcase and let them know what you're after before you go. Also they only take cash, no cards.

Hi thanks very much for this. i've been in touch and going to arrange a visit once the snow has subsided! Just out of interest how much can I expect to pay if I fill a suitcase? thanks again for your help. What did you make with your recycled fabrics?
Hi !

Try Freecycle.org.....they always have stuff going? You could put a wanted post on there and say your a student looking for old fabric/clothes..your sure to get a response!


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